NOVEMBER 12, 2020
12:30-6:00 PM


Are you ready for the shake-up?

COVID-19 and recent federal regulations have fundamentally shifted the landscape in health care to advance value-based care leveraging person-centric health and health care data across systems.



Join 12 interactive sessions led by some of the greatest health care and technology minds from across Georgia and around the country.

Aneesh Chopra


former Chief Technology Officer under President Obama

Amy Gleason (Invited)

US Digital Service, The White House

Digital Services Expert



Keynote #1 - Aneesh Chopra, “The Great Health Care Data Quake"

Keynote #1 – Aneesh Chopra, “The Great Health Care Data Quake – How data is transforming health care policy, strategy, and technology”

Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney and former Chief Technology Officer of the United States under President Obama, explores how the new CMS and ONC interoperability rules coupled with COVID is transforming the health care policy, strategy, and technology landscape.

Opening Plenary #1 - Steve Posnack, "Information Blocking and the ONC final rule"

Steve Posnack, Deputy National Coordinator for Health IT at the Office of National Coordinator, will discuss the ONC information blocking rule and its effect on the provider ecosystem.

Opening Plenary #2 - Alex Mugge, "CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule"

Alex Mugge, Deputy Chief Health Informatics Officer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will discuss how they are regulating payers to make more information available to individuals through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs).


Person-centric insights: How innovative start-ups are reinventing how patients interact with the health care system

New innovations are allowing individuals to aggregate person-centric health care information in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. Each of these new applications can help patients and caregivers more effectively manage their care and provide them personalized recommendations regarding the health care options available to them across providers and payers.

  • Carina Edwards, CEO, Quil
  • Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, Founder, Rimidi, Inc.
  • Ian Juliano, CEO, Trella Health
  • Anju Mathew, CEO, Oncolens
  • Kristen Valdes, CEO, b.well Connected Health (M)

What about me? The lost story of the patient and caregiver voice

For years, we have focused exclusively on data exchange between providers and payers and lost the most important person in the equation, the patient. For patients with chronic conditions, they have experienced nightmare stories trying to juggle their various patient portals, paper and digital records, and coordinate care across the byzantine layers of health care beauracracy. Come hear real stories from real patients who have struggled to coordinate their own care and what they are doing about it.

  • Grace Cordovano, CEO, Enlightening Results, LLC
  • Morgan Gleason, Patient Advocate and Public Speaker,
  • Dr. Dinesh Raju, Physician, Gwinnett Clinic
  • Brian Kenah, VP Technical Operations, Sharecare (M)

Show me the money: Investor focus in the era of health care personalization

Billions of dollars of investment have poured into digital health over the last few years and the amount of capital continues to flood in. The number of large exits is increasing and the opportunities are greater than ever. Investments can now focus on moving from capitalizing on the inefficiencies in health care to providing long-term value to patients and physicians alike.

  • Chad Hooker, VP, Growth Equity for Technology & Healthcare Companies, Fulcrum Equity Partners
  • Spence McClelland, Partner, Noro-Mosely Partners
  • Austin Poole, Lead Healthcare Tech Investor, BIP Capital
  • John Yates, Attorney, Morris Manning & Martin (M)


What's old is new again: How physician and patient workflow is being reinvented

EHR vendors have been able to digitize health care data across the country but have caused significant provider burden as vendors have been building systems based on government regulations rather than client needs. How will EHRs begin to move from the primary data platform to a data platform that enables point solutions to better manage and deliver care.

  • David Bradshaw, SVP Consumer Experience, Cerner
  • Tina Joros, Vice President, Allscripts Healthcare
  • Baha Zeidan, CEO, Azalea Health
  • Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners (M)

Including the most vulnerable: Digitizing social determinant information to provide whole person care

From COVID to the recession, the gap between those who are succeeding and suffering has never been greater. Health and Health Care data is beginning to come together in a meaningful way to provide better outcomes that focuses on both an individuals acute and long-term needs. Innovators across the country are beginning to digitize social determinants of health data to make this dream a reality.

  • Robyn Bussey, Community Health Strategist, ARCHI
  • Dr. Brad Jones, Founder and CEO, Life Well Promotions, LLC
  • Shantanu Nigam, Clinical AI Evangelist, Jvion
  • Tanya Mack, President Technology Solutions, Women’s Telehealth (M)

Freeing the data: The move to innovate using cloud-based technology

Cutting edge technology companies are reinventing the health care landscape as they enable organizations to move to the cloud. This will enable companies to begin to reinvent physician workflows, integrate point solution applications, and transform care delivery by developing a more flexible technology architecture that yields better outcomes as the industry moves to value-based care.

  • Aashima Gupta, Global Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, Google Cloud
  • Jennifer Webster, VP, Analytics and Data Solutions, Integra Connect
  • Lisa Maki, Vice President Strategic Partnerships Microsoft Health Next
  • Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners (M)


Fireside Chat - Modernizing our public health data infrastructure in the era of COVID-19, Amy Gleason

Amy Gleason, Digital Services Expert at the US Digital Service within the White House, and Dr. Irum Zaidi, Deputy Coordinator for Dr. Deborah Birx for the Strategic Use of Data at the White House, will be discussing the federal response to COVID, how the federal government is interacting with the states, and what we should expect in terms of the public health advances in data and technology in the near future.


Open clinical logic models: How the physician voice is helping to reinvent care delivery

The physician voice has been missing in the movement toward digital health. How are innovative physicans beginning to reinvent care delivery models that provide actionable and relevant intelligence to doctors around the country? Care delivery systems are being reinvented as a result of a stronger physician voice.

  • Ellen Dalton, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Medecision
  • Sherry Farrugia, Interim CEO, Global Center for Medical Innovation
  • Frank Opelka, Medical Director, American College of Surgeons; Quality and Health Policy
  • David Tyler, National Managing Principal – Health Care, Grant Thornton (M)

On demand health care: How retail care and telemedicine are reinventing the provider/patient relationship

The old model of payer to provider to patient to payer is being turned on its head. New delivery models are rapidly gaining transaction including direct primary care and (finally!) telemedicine. These innovative organizations are at the forefront of breakthrough direct-to-consumer models that will change the health care landscape for good.

  • Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association (ATA)
  • Robert Knight, Head of Consumer Health Innovation, Walmart
  • Dr Mike Koriwchak, CEO, ENT of Georgia
  • Ryan Howells, Principal, Leavitt Partners (M)


Health Plans: Reinventing what we will look like when we grow up

Payers around the country are beginning to reinvent themselves to get closer to their members. From investments in retail clinics to providers, to home health, payers are looking to capture more value by gobbling up more of the supply chain. Payers are looking to use their data more aggressively to engage with their members in creative ways so that old models of coverage become obsolete.

  • Madhav Gone, Healthcare Technology Leader, Healthfirst Inc.
  • Ashok Chennuru, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Anthem
  • Laurent Rotival, SVP, Strategic Technology Solutions & CIO, Cambia Health Solutions
  • Michele Madison, Attorney, Morris, Manning & Martin (M)

Who are you? Securing the privacy, data security and identity of data across regulatory structures

Health and health care data is already moving seamlessly between different regulatory structures which is both exciting and scary at the same time. How will data, personal consent preferences, and security be handled seamlessly between HIPAA and the FTC regulatory frameworks? How can we identify unique individuals using digital credentials and biometrics? The future of health care data exchange relies on identifying individuals across not just within systems and securing that information no matter where it sits.

  • Ed Holmes, CEO, FairWarning
  • Mizan Rahman, CEO, RightPatient
  • Brett Williams, National Partner, Aprio
  • Deven McGraw, Chief Regulatory Officer, Ciitizen (M)



Conference wrap-up by Aneesh Chopra with Ryan Howells, plus brief remarks from Larry Williams, President of TAG; Chris Karabinos, TAG Digital Health Board Chair; and Powell Jones, Summit Chair






Georgia’s Digital Health Ecosystem

In 2020 TAG Digital Health conducted an analysis of Georgia’s Digital Health Ecosystem. Georgia is quickly becoming a hub for the best in health information technology.

The percentage of health information technology companies in Georgia by category

The number of health information technology companies in Georgia by approximate number of employees

The number of health information technology companies in Georgia by type of primary offering

COVID-19 Pandemic

Interactive infographic showing the data behind COVID-19 throughout the world, and much more.